Society in Focusâ "Change, Challenge and Resistance: Reflections from South Africa and Beyond (Hardcover)

Society in Focusâ
By Lindy Heinecken (Editor), Heidi Prozesky (Editor)
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The chapters in this book showcase current sociological research, as undertaken both by established and budding social scientists in South Africa and Africa. The book covers a variety of topical themes, the first of which concerns the link between society, power and the environment, and how competing interests, whether these be corporate, legal, socio-ecological or environmentalist, relate to each. Another theme includes contributions on development, democracy and service delivery. Workplace change, resistance and well-being within the agricultural, manufacturing, mining and the service sector constitute a further central focus. The remaining theme addresses the interplay of race, class, gender and power within the context of specific topics, such as HIV/AIDS, tertiary education and minority groups. The collection of work presented in this book reflects a critical stance towards reification of roles, highlights contradictions between principles and practices in society, and underscores the complexity of societal issues on a broad range of contemporary themes. As such, the chapters are notable for their empirical richness and methodological pluralism, which are of interest to an interdisciplinary audience, whether scholars, professionals or practitioners.

About the Author

Lindy Heinecken (PhD) is an Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University, Dept of Sociology. Her research focuses on armed forces and society where she has published widely on diversity issues, cultural intelligence, civil-military relations, military professionalism, military unionism and HIV/AIDS and security. Heidi Prozesky (PhD, Sociology) is a Lecturer at Stellenbosch University and a core team member of the Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology. She has published on women in science and on environmental issues, and is a contributor to the South African edition of The Practice of Social Research.

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