The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume III - Beta Your Life: Existence in a Disruptive World (Paperback)

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume III - Beta Your Life: Existence in a Disruptive World By Roger Spitz, Lidia Zuin Cover Image
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What if you could take the idea of beta testing and apply it to your life, work, career, and projects? Just like in software development, it pays to be curious, innovative, and experimental. This book will show you how to reframe existence, become anticipatory, and exercise agency to upgrade yourself to make the most of our uncertain and disruptive world.

Volume III - "Beta Your Life: Existence in a Disruptive World" - shares tactics, tools, and resources on how to create your personal and professional futures and stay relevant despite constant change and unpredictability.

The book covers a broad set of topics, including work and money, the relationship between innovation and failure, your economic life, education, longevity, agency, and meaning. We also provide insights and case studies on the creator economy, as it has never been easier to monetize a creative idea.

As anything that can be automated, cognified, decentralized, digitized, disintermediated, or virtualized will be, how can constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning help us build the capacity to thrive in this complex technological world?

In addition to examples and canvasses throughout, this guide includes two workbooks filled with toolkits and practical applications: "Beta Your Life Workbook: Create Your Personal Future" and "Education Workbook: Prepare Educators & Learners for Disruptive Futures".

Roger Spitz and Lidia Zuin draw on decades of insights from advising entrepreneurs, CEOs and their leadership teams in Silicon Valley and globally on evaluating their companies, competitiveness, strategic projects, innovations, and disruptions ahead.

A foresight strategist, investor, and writer, Roger's expertise lies at the intersection of futures studies and sustainable value creation. Lidia is a journalist, science fiction writer, and professional futurist.

Staying relevant is not a linear process, but a jumbled loop which you can untangle. Are you ready to learn the moves to becoming and remaining relevant?

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ISBN: 9781955110044
ISBN-10: 1955110042
Publisher: Disruptive Futures Institute
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 382
Language: English