Chocolate from Spooner

We are so lucky to have a world class chocolatier producing chocolates here in Spooner!  Mayana Chocolate moved here from Chicago and has their chocolates in all 50 states.  Below are some of our favorites, including the Bookbar, which was created just for us.

 We can ship when the weather is not too hot.

Mayana Chocolate of Spooner worked with us to create our own signature chocolate bar!

The Book Bar is dark chocolate, fleur de sel caramel, candied orange peel, and carmelized almond florentine.



Mayana makes 6 varieties of amazing chocolate bars, as well as custom bars, like our own Book Bar.

Each bar contains fleur de sel caramel and is coated with 66% dark chocolate.

Then the fun really begins as the chocolatiers at Mayana in Spooner add unique ingredients for each bar.

The Space Bar has toasted almond nougat

SKU: 865242000108

This may be our best-selling Mayana Bar.  As the name hints, it contains most everything you might want in a candy bar--peanut butter, pretzel, crispy rice, fleur de sel caramel, and of course dark chocolate (66%). 

(we cannot ship chocolate in summer)