We have a wide variety of gifts.  If you have questions on any items or their availability, please contact us at the store.  While gifts cannot presently be searched or ordered on-line, we can take phone orders and ship most items.


Mayana Chocolates are luxury chocolates & artisan  bars...

...made in Spooner! 

And we have our own bar...the Book Bar...made with candied orange peel and carmelized almonds.

Out of Print t-shirts feature classic bookcovers.

Out of Print T-Shirt

They also come in kids' sizes and onesies.





Fabulous Cards from Curly Girl Designs

Northwind now has its own mugs!  Made especially for us by local potters at The Gypsy and The Frog.




Fabulous fair trade jewelry from

Uganda, made from  recycled paper.

Chequamegon Soap

Handmade in Iron River, WI


ICU Glasses 


2020 Vision Glasses 



Putumayo World Music



Beaded, Magnetic, Handmade

paper, Motion 3-D, and more

Simpson & Vail Literary Teas


Teas from Bag Ladies--each bag with a unique quote.

Jamtown has fair trade musical instruments from around the world

In addition to Frabjous Fibers' unique yarns and fleece, we carry their felted bags made in Nepal.  Perfect as a knitting notions bag



Bean to Bar Chocolate Bars made in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.


Journals by Paperblanks

& other companies 

Reusable ChicoBags!





Book Lights



Itty Bitty Witty Cards

Humurous Fair Trade cards

for knitters

Colored Pencils and Markers

for all your coloring needs!