Ordering Books

By some estimates, over 300,000 new titles were published last year in the United States alone (which does not include self-publishing and other alternative formats).  While we try to choose the best of those for you, we of course cannot carry everything in the store!  We are happy to special order anything we can for you. You can search our website and place the order on-line for in-store pick-up or to be delievered directly to you.

Special orders of books in print should be at the store for in-store pick-up  within 2 days to a week and a half, depending on when you place the order and from which warehouse it is available.  There is no additional cost for this service.

If you choose home delivery, the shipping cost will vary depending on how quickly you need the book.

We can also order out-of-print or used books for you.  We charge a shipping and handling charge.  These books can come from a used bookstore or a private individual anywhere in the world, so they can take anywhere from a couple days up to a few weeks.

If you cannot find what you are looking for through the website book search, or you need any help finding a title, please contact us at 715-635-6811 or by email at northwind@northwindbook.com.  If you email, please put "Book Order"  in the subject line.  Include whatever information you have--title, author, paperback or hardcover, ISBN--but don't worry if you don't have everything--we're good at tracking down books!