Yarn on Yarn

A whole world of knitters is out on the internet. Not sure what K tbl or M1T are?  Don't know ssk from sssk?  Looking for free patterns?  Wondering if there could possibly be a mistake in your pattern? (and there definitely could be) If you have a knitting (or crocheting) question or problem, someone is talking about it on-line.  Here are a few of the fun websites we like.

  • knittinghelp.com/  a teaching site with knitting tips & techniques, definitions of abbreviations, and free knitting videos of techniques
  • ravelry.com/  is the place for knitters and crocheters. It's a community where knitters show off their work and share ideas and techniques (you will need to create a free account).  It is one of the best place to find patterns.  If it is a pattern to be purchased, we can buy it for you, print it, and email you the file.
  • yarnsub.com  Here's a website to help you figure out yarn substitution.
  • knittingpatterncentral.com/  is an on-line directory of free patterns with thousands of links to other sites with free patterns.
  • YouTube is another great place to look for how-to videos.


For possible pattern problems--check the pattern-maker's website.  There is often a section called "errata" that will contain corrections or clarifications